How to Obtain xSDK 0.3.0

The following describes how to obtain xSDK 0.3.0. Information is also available about the 0.3.0 release in general, and how to install the software. For more on previous xSDK releases, see: 0.1.0 release and 0.2.0 alpha release.

1. Obtain and install Spack.

See details about obtaining and using Spack.

You can clone Spack from the github repository using this command:

git clone

After cloning, set up the environment variables.

# For bash users
$ export SPACK_ROOT=/path/to/spack
$ . $SPACK_ROOT/share/spack/

# For tcsh or csh users (note you must set SPACK_ROOT)
$ setenv SPACK_ROOT /path/to/spack
$ source $SPACK_ROOT/share/spack/setup-env.csh
2. Make sure proxy settings are set appropriately.

For those who are interested in using xSDK on desktop/laptop machines, make sure that proxy settings are set appropriately.  Otherwise, Spack will fail to “fetch” the packages of your interest.

For bash:

export http_proxy=<your proxy URL>
export https_proxy=<your proxy URL>

For csh/tcsh:

setenv http_proxy <your proxy URL>
setenv https_proxy <your proxy URL>

How to install xSDK 0.3.0